Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB)


Media Interview of Hong Kong TV Channels - Television Broadcasts Limited TVB's programme "Own Sweet Home".

Programme introduce our brand's creative concept. Combination of wood work and Flow Art to create a fusion of colorful abstract compositions and home furnishings. 


Viu TV


Media Interview of Hong Kong TV Channels - Viu TV's programme "VIEW".


Programme introduce our artwork and Flow Art how to reduced pressure of contemporary times.

EP86  Time: 07:55

HK01 - Object a


News media interview of HK01, Object a issued on 18 June 2018. Article about Flow Art and how to reduced pressure for Hong Kong people.



News media interview of HK01 issued on 13 November 2017. Article around Hong Kong handicraft.

Object a


Fashion and design information platform interview of "Object a".


Hong Kong handicraft as the title of the interview. Details as how to develop and adhere to hand-made business in Hong Kong.

Fantastic Television Limited - Fantastic TV


Reported of Fantastic TV Program -  "Fan TV Check It Out". Interview of Zoe Kwok and introduce Flow Art.

EP116  Time: 06:40

New Media Group - Weekend Weekly


Life style weekly magazine"Weekend Weekly" interview of Zoe Kwok and introduce Flow Art.

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