Flow Art is a form of abstract art that uses paints with a fluid consistency. Free flowing and follows the hearts. The fluid paints react with each other when combined together to make amazing and visually organic motifs.

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


Flow Art Artist

"Feel with your hands, and follow your heart! Enjoy and submerge your mind in the flowing of pigments. In the end, you will be surprised by the results."


Previously, Zoe was a draftsman with a construction company. To relieve her work pressure, she decided to learn how to relax through Art.

After she was introduced to the Flow Art, she found that she enjoyed the process: "It is so relaxing to see the flowing of paint. Every painting is unique, you never know where the colour will finalize and, at the end, the picture is very natural and amazing."

Her artwork and creative process changed her completely and needless to say, she loves what she does. She feels her art is free flowing and she follows her heart. She hopes to remind people to always listen to their heart.


Her artwork and creative ideas all come from nature. Ocean, mountain, forest, river and sky are all her nature palettes. She express her emotions through artwork and present the image with colours combination, which brings visual natural, calm and imaginative to the audience.


Go With The Flow Workshop - founded by Zoe and Quintus in 2016. The Workshop holds artwork, art creation and flow art workshops.  

Previously, Zoe and Quintus were draftsman and engineer in a construction company for 10 years. To relieve their work pressure of contemporary times, they decided to learn how to relax through Art and dedicated themselves to bringing the art into daily life.

They have previously been involved in artwork production, multi-media creative collaboration project and corporate workshop for a major International brand. Their creative workshop aims to inspire newcomers and experienced participants. Their classes create a perfect atmosphere in which participants can fully enjoy the moment in Flow Art.

"Art should not be observed, it should be a part of our daily living."